Employee Outplacement Service

HR Benefit: Employee Outplacement Service

When an organization makes the tough economic decision to lay off employees, any assistance the company provides is appreciated. Outplacement is a rapidly growing component of a severance agreement that is intended to help employees find work following a layoff or job loss.

We offer the service as a Human Resource benefit to employees as a bonus when provided by an employer as part of a severance agreement. MKCircle CEO Institute created a successful Outplacement Service, The Achievement Drive Program.

This program is for separated employees who would like new employment opportunities and professional advancement. We make sure they have all the tools needed to secure that new role.

Why provide this service?

Employers of choice provide outplacement services because they are constantly aware of the impact of their actions on current and prospective employees. Pragmatically, employers offer outplacement to protect their reputations as desirable employers to head off potential legal issues.

In the instance where a lawsuit is filed, show good faith to support the separated employee and to minimize the employer’s liability for unemployment compensation payments.

Upon Completion Separated Employees Will Receive:

  • Four 1:1 Monthly Meetings with a Professional Career & Business Coach

  • Guidance on creating a market-ready resume and cover letter that is vetted and reviewed by a top C-Level executive on the MKCircle Enterprises, LLC Advisory Board that is guaranteed to open the doors to opportunities.

  • Guidance on building on your awareness in the market, using LinkedIn as a core resource.

  • A brand statement, banding content, updated/vetted BIO, and a published branded excerpt that will offer visibility and originality.

  • Guidance with interviewing, accepting an offer, and negotiating offers

We ensure individuals are ready to enter the market, with the confidence and influence to gain interest