Organizational Cultural Reset (Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Training)

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Program Overview

In the world of business, we often focus on key metrics like profitability, future positioning, and sustainability, as they are undeniable markers of success and growth. However, what often goes unnoticed are the underlying pillars that truly define the health and resilience of an organization. We understand that the vitality of a business extends beyond financial indicators. It encompasses the vibrancy of its culture, the richness of diverse perspectives, and the depth of empathy and awareness within its teams. Our DE&I program is designed to shed light on these critical factors, recognizing their profound impact on organizational capacity, engagement, and motivation, especially when faced with setbacks. Join us on a transformative journey where we explore the untapped potential of inclusivity, equity, and empathy in shaping the future of your business. Together, we will unlock new dimensions of success and sustainable growth.

This program is a 4-part series of 1-hour sessions for organizational teams, leaders, and staff. We teach you how to read the Business Health barometer from the lenses Cultural & Empathy Awareness. We focus on Emotional and Cultural Intelligence, Social Competency, Empathy, and emotional indicators that guide or facilitate reaching common goals.

The program explores the business sector, individual behaviors, and the application of Cultural & Empathy Awareness as it pertains to a healthy organizational culture. One of the goals of the participants is to explore their current effect on people and challenge themselves to understand others, leveraging diversity, developing others, and political awareness. This training helps strengthen the individual and the organization by exploring how Emotional and Cultural Intelligence can be a highly effective tool to use in a high-pressure situation or personal biases. Also, the program offers organizations the indicators that will support the balance of work/life for the employees.

A recent article by Forbes Magazine discussed Emotional & Cultural Intelligence reports that “more and more companies like Coca-Cola are evaluating their high-potential leaders’ Emotional and Cultural Intelligence to know who best-equipped leadership is. Diversity Equity & Inclusion is now a discussion across sectors and while Fortune 500 businesses are leading in some efforts there is still a large gap and more work to be done. Employees are experiencing overwhelmed, self-doubt, and fear at work.

This program will offer the support needed to identify areas of lack of awareness, gaps in communication, and interaction. We help crack the code understanding, development, engagement, motivation, and above all awareness.

The program offers tools and strategies for organizations to stay motivated, stay focused, and plan for growth even in a time that seems unclear or bleak. Business Health 301: Cultural & Empathy Awareness explores the why and how to build or rebuild an aware culture.