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Renowned Social Psychologist, Executive/Business Coach, Business Strategist, Small Business Owner, Entrepreneur & Motivational Speaker

Dr. McBride, a business strategist, and social psychologist has created a program to elevate women.  Her research has provided data and tools that are effective in getting results for individuals to be successful professionally and personally.

Creator of


Association of Rejuvenating Women

Life is not a sport you want to participate in without a coach!

--Dr. Karen


I’ve transformed into a confident, effective administrator since being involved with the program. The growth that I’ve had and continue to develop through Dr. Karen’s coaching is amazing. It’s been noticed by not only my colleagues but my staff as well. I’m clear about the important decisions I need to make daily.


Because I know Dr. Karen is there to support and guide my processes. I highly recommend this program to any woman that may be unclear about their career, work/life balance or personal relationships, Dr. Karenis there to help direct you! I really don’t know where’d I’d be without my Executive Coach! Dr. Siemen-McBride is a GOD send.

Additionally, every woman I’ve referred to the program shares my sentiments. I highly endorse this program.


from Bronx, NY

Dr. Karen has led me to order not only in my professional life but also my personal.  By providing tools and resources, I have been able to do the work of lifting the cloud of life's pressures, making room for clarity and purpose-driven decisions.


Now, I’m getting comfortable with being uncomfortable as I navigate new spaces with resiliency and the confidence to seize opportunities. The forward moving path that she has set me on and the goals that I am checking off my list is a direct result of her mentorship.


from Pomona, CA

My life is forever changed because of this program. Dr. Karen is the best mentor/executive coach any woman can have.  I am now a master of my operational style and I use the tools she taught me to be more effective in my personal and professional career.  I now have my own business thanks to Dr. Karen and the CEO Institute.  I now understand my target market, my brand and my selling points to increase my business.  She helped me write my business and strategy plan. I highly recommend this program to every women who is striving for excellence in her personal and professional life.


from Seattle, WA

For a couple of years my friend mentioned she had to teleconference with her mentor.  I was a bit curious but thought I was beyond having a "mentor" since I was in a leadership position for many years, read leadership books, and participated in leadership activities. My curiosity continued and I asked my friend to connect me with her mentor.  After I spoke to Dr. Karen I learned she was an Executive Coach but I was still doubtful how she could help me and was even more skeptical about the "operational style colors." It took me 2-3 months to fully trust in the process. It is nine months and two days since I started with Dr. Karen and I fully trust in the process now! In this short time frame I have grown exponentially personally and professionally! I advanced in my career to a new position, increased my influence with senior executives, and have learned to manage my operational style with my staff and even my siblings. Dr. Karen was there every step of the way to help me learn more about myself which certainly influenced my professional advancement and growth within my personal relationships. I introduced Dr. Karen to my supervisor which resulted in them forming a coaching relationship,  and a professional relationship with Dr. Karen embarking on a year-long leadership series for my organization starting in a couple of weeks! Dr. Karen is a change-agent! No matter where you are in your professional or personal life if you have just a little bit of curiosity about how an Executive Coach can help you or if there's a little ember within you for something different,  Dr. Karen will help spark that inner-light and fire within you to help you realize there's more to you than you even think!!!

#growth #operational style #interact not react #in-esteem


from New York, NY

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