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Moving from Inclusion Bias to Anti-Bias: The Journey to Awareness with Operational Style

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Program Overview

At the MKCircle CEO Institute, we recognize the importance of fostering inclusive and diverse workplaces that are free from bias. Our leadership training program focuses on guiding leaders through the journey of moving from inclusion bias to anti-bias, with the Operational style as a valuable tool.

Inclusion bias refers to the unconscious biases that can affect decision-making and hinder the full participation and engagement of diverse individuals within an organization. Our program helps leaders become aware of these biases and provides them with the necessary tools to transition toward an anti-bias mindset.

By incorporating the Operational style, leaders gain practical strategies for creating awareness and promoting inclusivity throughout the organization. This style emphasizes the practical aspects of leadership, enabling leaders to effectively implement anti-bias practices and drive positive change.
Through our training program, leaders develop a deeper understanding of bias, its impact on workplace dynamics, and how to challenge and overcome it. They learn to examine their own biases, engage in critical self-reflection, and cultivate a culture of awareness and respect.

Our program also explores strategies for mitigating bias in decision-making processes, recruitment and hiring practices, and daily interactions within the organization. Leaders are equipped with the skills to foster open dialogue, promote diverse perspectives, and create an environment where all employees feel valued and included.

Join the MKCircle CEO Institute on the journey from inclusion bias to anti-bias awareness. Our leadership training program, integrated with the Operational style, will empower you to drive lasting change, nurture a culture of inclusivity, and build a stronger, more united organization. Together, we can create workplaces that celebrate diversity and enable every individual to thrive and contribute their best.