Private Employee Assistance Program (P-EAP)

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Program Overview

This service is 1:1 counseling for individual employees. The is not a scripted program and has no issue that is off-limits to discuss and process with an MKCircle CEO Institute counselor.  This is a service to support mentally healthy employees.  Research shows that over 59% of people aren’t getting the mental health care they need, with a growing quality gap that usually leaves employees to founder, alone. In response, more than 78% of employers are increasing their behavioral health investments. Based on this data and so much more, we have created a Division of Organization Counseling and Support, also known as an Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Healthy Working

MKCircle CEO Institute is focused on human capital support at the highest level.  As in our Executive Coaching and training programs, our counselors integrate expertise with growth indicators, trends in human behavior research, and best practices for positive, whole life strategies to help clients not only overcome existing life challenges but to thrive in their present and future circumstances.

We offer support in many areas such as:

We have engaged some of the best practitioners and leaders in the fields of social work, marriage family therapy (MFT), organizational psychology, human resources, counseling, and social psychology as a part of MKCircle.  As a result-based firm, our client’s measurable growth and success is our ultimate goal.

MKCircle CEO Institute follows all HIPAA and FERPA guidelines.