Executive Coaching Program – Small Business Owner & Entrepreneurs

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Original Program Cost ($330.00 a mon)

Program Overview

This program is unlike any other on the professional market. It offers all the
components of the EQ: Emotional Intelligence training and more.

The program is a 12-month intensive one-on-one dyad with a CEO Institute Business and Executive Coach.

Your personal Executive and Business Coach becomes your personal resource for business inquiries, research and a source for unfiltered confidential discussions about professional issues.

Emotional Intelligence Component

The coaching program also focuses on the individual person. The program explores individual behaviors, the application of self-assessment, self-regulating, self-management, and empathy. One of the goals is for participants to explore their current effect on people and challenge themselves to grow and adjust.

A person in an executive or higher professional role has a great deal of pressure and those pressures can offer residual damage to those who work for or with them. This training helps strengthen the individual by exploring how Emotional Intelligence can be a highly effective tool to use in a high-pressure position or situation.

The training supports individuals who are leaders, managers, supervisors, and those who are looking to pursue higher professional roles.

Expected Program Results: