Board Communication and Awareness

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Program Overview

Meeting 1 – Board Communication and Awareness

The starting point of all the MKCircle CEO Institute training is asking for all training participants to complete Leadership Language/Operational Style Assessment.

We did some extensive research on leadership attributes, human behavior, and social psychology to form a Leadership Language that we as leaders can use to enhance our strategic decision-making, effective communication, narrative setting, social engagement and so much more.
The assessment tool we have created has shifted mindsets, induced Emotional Intelligence, and simply opened doors for leaders that were never opened before. As you can tell, we are very excited about the professional and personal progress it has offered for so many.

We use this very successful, psychological, and research-proven tool to assess individual team members and the team to identify operational styles. The goal is to determine the ‘WHO?’ is on the team. How do people learn, communicate, process data, respond to pressure, respond to leadership, think strategically, and work collaboratively? The exercises are collaborative and offer a great deal of open communication and transparency.

What makes this exciting is that the team is so engaged that no one realizes the assessment is helping them and the organization. The assessment results will be used throughout the training day. It is important to know who you are at work and how you can be a true asset to your organization. The team takes the Operational Style Assessment before the training. The trainer reviews the results with the team and leads the team on a journey of discovery, strategy, and engagement of self-awareness that results in learning a New Leadership Language.