Small Business Health 101

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Small Business Grant Subsidized Rate

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Program Overview

When we think of business health, the first thing that may come to mind is profitability, future positioning, and sustainability. These factors are sure indicators for business stability and growth. The factors that are missed or go unseen are the health of the business as it pertains to the owner’s capacity, engagement, and motivation, especially when setbacks occur.

This program is a 4-part series of 1-hour sessions for small business owners. We teach you how to read the Business Health barometer from the lenses of the owner’s capacity, engagement, and motivation, not solely the business market.  We focus on the Emotional Intelligence competency Self-Motivation, and the emotional tendencies that guide or facilitate reaching goals.

The program explores the business sector, individual behaviors, and the application of self-motivation as it pertains to running a successful business.  One of the goals is for participants to explore their current effect on people and challenge themselves to grow and adjust.  Business owners have a great deal of pressure and those pressures can offer residual damage to those who work for or with them. 

This training helps strengthen the individual by exploring how Emotional Intelligence can be a highly effective tool to use in a high-pressure position or situation. Also, the program offers small business owners the indicators that will support the balance of work/life.

Inc. Magazine reports that approximately 10% of new business ventures are successful and 90% fail. And while approximately 500,000 new businesses start-up each month, even more, employer businesses shut down monthly.  Running your own business is emotional and not having the tools to stay motivated, owners run the risk of feeling overwhelmed, handicapped, self-doubt, fear, and defeated. 

This program will offer the support you need to remain steady through the hard times and strategic with business decisions. As a business owner, you must understand what your business does and what your business can do. We help crack the code of the owner’s capacity, engagement, and motivation.

The goal of the program is to offer tools and strategies for a small business owner to stay motivated, stay focused, and plan for growth even in a time that seems unclear or bleak.  Business Health 101 explores how an individual’s personal life supports and intersects with a professional career.  The goal of the exploration is better management of work-life consistency and balance.