Work Trauma & Stress Management

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Program Overview

Many factors contribute to workplace stress and subsequent trauma. In our clinical research, we found that these issues have significant consequences within the workplace if left unaddressed. Quickly identifying the issue and source is crucial for the employee and the organization as a whole. Employers cannot guarantee that employees will never be exposed to trauma and stress at work. However, employers can take meaningful action to help prevent the most debilitating effects of these situational challenges. Potential workplace trauma and stress could include exposure to:

  • Organizational stressors (bullying, threats, harassment)
  • Disruptive culture
  • Incivility (being ignored purposely, dismissive behavior)
  • Physical stressors (levels of safety at work, noise, lighting
  • Loss
  • And many more.

Preparation includes both the ability to respond at the moment and access to the necessary coping strategies and social support after the incident.

Individual  & Group Session Available