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Small Business Health 201

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Pricing Options

As Low As 4 Easy Payments of


Small Business Grant Subsidized Rate

Only Includes Small Business Health 201

Original Program Cost ($660.00 a mon)

$185.00 cost based on qualification of grant subsidy

One-Time Payment of


Small Business Grant Subsidized Rate

Only Includes Small Business Health 201

Original Program Cost ($1,240.00)

Program Overview

The core of the CEO Institute programs is EQ: Emotional Intelligence training and Operational Style indicators that support higher performance and strategic focus of the Business Owner. 

This program offers an Executive Coaching component that is priceless. Karen Semien-McBride, Social Psychologist, Executive Coach, and Business Strategist offers her services to support small business owners and entrepreneurs.  She is assigned as each participant Executive and Business Coach for 1 session. The 1:1 session offers dialog, suggested readings, and real-time problem-solving.  Dr. McBride becomes the owner’s resource for business inquiries, research, and a source for unfiltered confidential discussions about professional issues.

The program training focuses on the individual and the individual business.  It is a 4-part hybrid series of 1-hour sessions with 3 1hour group session a 1hour 1:1 dyad with the Executive Coach.

We focus on three core sectors of business:

We train small businesses and entrepreneurs to assimilate as a larger business with more assets, a known brand, and a core team.  Many businesses operate as the opposite… a large business that has not learned to grow up to their potential.  Our goal is to erase that complacency so small businesses can transition into a large corporation when needed for scaling and growth. 

The program combines core business sector teach and an executive coach. In 2016, the Harvard Business Review reported that 68% of Fortune 500 company executives have Executive Coaches. Dr. McBride is closing the gap and filling the void for all executives, leaders, and entrepreneurs.

Another goal of the program is to offer a professional space to sort out pressures, daily business issues, and all things that come with being an entrepreneur and running a business. This Executive Coaching program also explores how an individual’s personal life supports and intersects with a professional career.  The goal of the exploration is better management of work-life consistency and balance.